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Sense Studio is a boutique space where we nurture the body. A place of aesthetics and harmony - both external and internal. Sense is created by professional trainers who will help you love your body and find the balance of your mind. Our method consists of proprietary exercise programs that we define individually in response to the needs and goals of our students. We cultivate a unique form of training that engages the body, mind and breath - in beautiful interiors that soothe the senses.





Sense Studio: studio premium

We invite you to a personalized training inspired by the Pilates method at the Pilates Studio located in Warsaw-Mokotów. We proudly boast one of the best-equipped Pilates studios in Poland. Together with a team of trainers trained by the master of classical Pilates, Jacqueline Martin, we have created a space where you can take care of your body with the help of professional equipment. Sense Studio is a professionally equipped space where we conduct Pilates training. We work with equipment from Gratz, including devices such as Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, and many others.

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Training Studio

Sense Studio: Boutique Training Studio

When creating our studio in the Warsaw-Mokotów location, we aimed to offer our clients a unique space, different from a typical gym. This is how Sense Studio was born – a place where we nurture both body and mind. Our boutique training studio stands out with exceptional aesthetics and thoughtful organization. We provide a rich training environment while maintaining an intimate atmosphere of a fitness club. As a result, our clients can take care of every aspect of their well-being – their sense of well-being, physical fitness, and emotional well-being.


We rely on the knowledge and experiences of an exceptional team of personal trainers. Our team consists of highly qualified experts who are also passionate about various physical activities.

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Sense Studio: Choose the premium club that best meets your expectations.

Sense Studio is a space designed for those seeking harmony and tranquility. The training zones offer the possibility of personal training, machine-based Pilates, and yoga classes. The elegant yet functional environment provides optimal conditions for relaxation and rejuvenation. At Sense Studio, you will be greeted by a comfortable interior tastefully decorated with relaxing music. Our success is built on the qualifications of our trainers and the satisfaction of our clients.


Are you looking for a place that meets your expectations? Do you work or live in the Warsaw-Mokotów area? We encourage you to take advantage of the offer from our exceptional Boutique Training Studio, Sense Studio, where we will take care of your body and mind. Holistic training or machine-based Pilates - the choice is yours.


Join us at our premium gym, where your fitness goals are our top priority!

Sense Studio - the perfect solution for those seeking top-level training.

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