Individual Classic Pilates

Pilates is an exercise system that has a positive effect on improving the silhouette, its appearance, body posture, reduces pain in the spine, joints, teaches correct postural habits. Thanks to that, this method significantly improves the functioning of the body in everyday life and prevents ailments caused by sitting and stressful lifestyle.  In this method, exercises fully involve the whole body, not concentrating strictly on just one muscle group during training. Workouts are primarily stretching, but at the same time the person exercising is working on a lot of strength, thus strengthening his body - which has a very positive effect on joints and muscles. It improves the functional strengthening of the corset of postural (core) muscles, but also the joints and peripheral muscles, which are the "frame" of the body. The range of mobility in the joints, proprioception (deep feeling), body flexibility and balance are increased. Workouts also integrate breathing and body work.


55 minutes

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